Gallery 4

The photos in this gallery are those made by the colonial photographers in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. These photos help to establish a photographic landscape tradition in the arid and the semi-arid regions of northern South Australia.

F. J. Elliot, Everard Ranges, 1891
F.J. Elliot, Granite boulders,, Birksgate Ranges, 1891
H.H. Tilbrook, Devils Creek, Flinders Ranges 1894
Herbert Basedow, Strawbridge Springs, Tomkinson Ranges, SA, 1903
F.J. Elliot, Yankunytjatjara people, Everard Ranges, 1891
Herbert Basedow, sandstorm near Lake Killalpaninna, 1919
H. H.Tilbrook, Hookina Creek, Flinders Ranges, 1894