Mt Warren Hastings

The first day we decided to do the Oppaminda-Nudlamutana trail as it started near the Nudlamutana Hut where we were staying for the week. We decided to walk this trail to Mt Warren Hastings where we would have our lunch, and then return to the hut. We chose to do a linear walk along a well marked trail rather than continue walking along the trail to Arkaroola village.

The trail in the lower Vulkathunha-Gammon Ranges consisted in walking up and along ridges and along or beside creek beds. The creek beds were in the early part of the walk whilst the ridges were in the latter part. Along the way we came across curly leaf wattle, mulga woodland, dryland tea tree, red mallee and spidery wattle.

The rains in January had given the curly leaf mallee a growth spurt:

However, we noticed lots of dead curly leaf mallee although there was no sign or fire or dieback. The result of drought from previous years? It was hard to tell.

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