at Yudnamutana

There were  two Cornish boilers in their original brick settings at the Yudanamutana smelter site. The exorbitant transport costs and the extended drought meant there was little profit in mining ore that was less than 30% purity and so the mine was forced to close in 1865.

boilers, Yudnamutana mine

The smelters, which were built in 1910, were never fired and they were demolished in the 1930s. At the site here is a cemetery to the north east of the smelter, smelter ruins themselves, the ruins of several buildings, a mine shaft and workings.

The mining site is representative of one of the main themes of European history in the Flinders Ranges. Vast effort and expense were expended in building the smelters in such a remote location. The mine never covered its costs.

Suzanne + swag

The camels determined the pace of walking, where we walked and where we camped. We would sit up camp for the night in a location where there was food for the camels.

The land was very dry due to a lack of rain, but it had its rugged beauty especially in the early morning light:

landscape, am

The next day — day 3 — we walked past the Mawson Plateau and camped in a creek bed on the Mt Freeling (pastoral) Station. It was destocked.

We were walking through a landscape during a drought and we had come across no ephemeral water holes or aquatic habitats. We expected to find water when we started walking along the Hamilton Valley.

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