Hookina Creek: deep history

I never made it to Lake Torrens. The road leads to a pastoral station that borders the foreshore of Lake Torrens and there is no public access to the lake. So I tried to photograph deep history as best I could, given the limitations of photography.

log, Hookina Creek floodplain

The time was too short to look explore the area to try to extend history into the dynamics of change in deep time. Dusk was falling. We had to drive to Balacoona via Copely on the Leigh Creek Road the next day. I planned to return to this part of Hookina Creek after we’d finished walking in the Vulkathunha–Gammon Ranges National Park.

The question I had was whether this area offered a refugia from the depleted, exposed sandy low lands for the Indigenous people during the heightened glaciation in the Pleistocene. On our return to Hawker we drove through the nearby Wilson Valley between the Yappala Range on its eastern side and the Yourambulla range on its western side. Apparently the Hawker Lagoon in the Wilson Valley was a micro refugia, as it offered water, food, shelter and raw materials for stone and wood tool making.

floodplain, Hookina Creek

The archaeology evidence suggests two broad phases of occupation, the earliest commencing about 15,000 years ago and a later phase beginning about 5000 years ago. The gap could be explained by the moister conditions of the Holocene allowing Indigenous people to spread themselves more widely, occupying regions that had been inhospitably arid — such as Lake Frome.


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