Italowie Gap

It was overcast with a few spots of rain as we walked along the bed. We came across a small section of ochre in the creek wall:

ochre, Italowie Creek

The ochre colours on the creek’s wall stood out, which is what had initially attracted our eye. It was only a very small section of the wall.

We decided to return to have lunch at the Balcanoona shearers quarters so that I could continue to walk along Balcanoona Creek, picking up from where I’d left off in the morning. It started raining as we left the Rampart and Balcanoon Ranges and started our drive across the plains back towards Balcanoona:

rain, Balcanoona Range

Winter rain is infrequent in the Vulkathunha-Gammon Ranges. The rain hung around the ranges and it did not travel the short distance to Balcanoona. It was light cloud and blue sky there when we returned.

Upon our return I continued looking for specific sites for the planned 5×4 session. I walked along the base of Echo Cliffs in the open shade, and then amongst the dense strand of eucalypts in the bed of the Balcannona Creek upstream from Echo Cliff.

Eucalypts, Balcanoona Creek

I settled on the rock wall for the 5×4 session that I’d planned for the following day or the one after — whichever of the planned walks (Kingsmill Creek or Bararrinna) would be both less strenuous and give me more time for photography in the afternoon.

It was relaxing slowly walking amongst the trees. A very meditative moment.

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