Though Blinman is very small, it has become a tourist town as it is close to the iconic tourist spots of  Brachina Gorge and Parachilna Gorge in the southern Ikara-Flinders Ranges. There are lots of tourists coming and going.

The following morning we briefly we walked around the ruins of the Blinman mine on our own. It was the biggest mine in the Flinders Ranges but most of the mining infrastructure has been dismantled.

water tanks, Blinman mine

Then we drove along the Nth Flinders Rd via Wearing Gorge, past Wirrealpa Station, Mt Chambers Gorge Rd, Weertalona Station before we joined the road from Junta. Then we linking up with the Gammon Ranges Rd from Copely just before Balcanoona.

Though we didn’t have much time I was able to make a couple of photos on the way. A landscape:

20 Kilometres from Blinman

A creek bed that I’d seen in 2021:

creek bed

We didn’t have the time for me to do some large format photography on the way as we needed to pick up the key for Nudlamutana Hut from the park HQ at Balcanoona, drive to the hut, unpack and settle in.

landscape, Nudlamutana Hut

We just had time for a drink in the late afternoon sun before it disappeared behind the western hills and the temperature dropped.

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